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Curious about Mental Health

First Aid?

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Mental Health First Aid”

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Are you ready to dive deep into the realm of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)?

Embark on an extraordinary journey led by the

Founder of Broadmind, Sherry Lachine. Uncover

the incredible potential of MHFA like never before.

In this session, we will explore:

- The mental health landscape in Canada: Unveiling statistics, dismantling stigma, and expanding


- What Mental Health First Aid truly encompasses.

- The revolutionary impact of Mental Health First Aid

on workplaces and individual empowerment.

- An interactive Q&A session.

- And more!

Meet Sherry Lachine

Broadmind Founder & Lead Facilitator


I am the founder of Broadmind, and I love love love facilitating courses and connections in mental well-being.

I started my career in the military as an engineer and became a Mental Health Professional with a Masters in Science in Applied Psychology.

I am here to help workplaces and community members connect to these concepts and each other.

I am a certified advisor on the Workplace Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.

Become Part of the Success Stories from Our Past Participants!

I really enjoyed the course as it was very well designed and delivered.

I could relate to many of the scenarios as we see them emerging in our workplace.

I think this is a much-needed discussion course.

- Mona Hyder

(WEST of Windsor)

Fantastic Instructor who provided personal scenarios in a welcoming environment.

The course was easy to follow along with and provided practical solutions to assisting an individual in a mental health situation.

I will easily be able to put these news skills to use in my everyday life.

- Jodi Foster

(Municipality of Leamington)

I enjoyed the interaction as well as the shares of true life events. It really brings a reality check to all of us as to why this is so important.

I would totally support this type of training annually for all Human Resources and Management Staff within our Company.

- Cheryl Metcalfe

(Sunset Grown)

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